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If the world were more conscious and aware of their actions and the result of the same, there would be less hurt going round. Most hurt people are afraid thus will often displace on the weak. For example a bully will not harass someone they think is stronger or can give it right back to them. People deal with anger and hurt differently, they may displace their hurt or project it. When you realize this It is easier to choose how to react to such people. Though hanging around negative people will definately make you negative, and if they hurt you will in turn hurt others consciously or unconsciously.


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Action begets reaction thus hurt people will hurt other people. Be the bigger person and break the cycle.

Learn the secrets of dealing with difficult people. 


You are because God is and he created you in his image breathed life into you don't you think that means something? don't you think God's breath comes with something? It comes with consciousness, with peace and with love. Do you think he created you in vain? Find your purpose every body has one.


Plans To Prosper You: Find Your Purpose Through Jeremiah 29  




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