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your own latent abilities

Allow your luck to get you to your goal.

Luck is something you control. Program your mind to push you towards a goal. This will not only create self-motivation internally, but also create external coincidences that are otherwise considered beyond your control, to help you achieve your goal.

“Success is never accidental, it is always intentional.”

~Bishop T. D. Jakes.

Maximize the Moment  


You must have a burning desire to achieve the goal. Secondly ask you must ask. For those of us who are spiritual ask your GOD. For those who aren’t…..well you must know that you and the stuff around you came from somewhere so ASK. Be specific in your request.


You must have a strong belief that the goal is possible and within reach. When you make decisions when mentally relaxed and centered you will realize that you are often right. Most top executives know this and that is why they are hired to be decision makers in companies.

Often allowing yourself to be in tune with the moment leads to success in whatever is intended, non-resistance allows natures forces to work with ease and thus the law of attraction is a success in your life. Think of your-self as a magnet if moved over a large surface area on the ground, the magnet will attract all sorts of debris, but when you know exactly what you want to pick up you go directly to it. Your mind works the same way so it is up to you to decide whether you want to focus your mind and achieve what you want faster or go through debris that may be a hindrance to your actual goals.


You must be in the state of positive expectancy. You must relax and be in a state of non-resistance. Whatever result you get it must be accepted with gratitude because it is good for you at the time. However ridiculous this may sound, learning to be receptive and non resistance is the key to your own eventual happiness. Feel like a winner (the way you would feel when you got what you wanted.) and Give gratitude where it is due.



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